During the last six years, the Hungarian-Missouri Educational Partnership (HMEP) has made great strides in fulfilling its mission and achieving it goals for expanding education by developing life-changing opportunities for student scholars. HMEP is proud of its accomplishments including:

Sixteen student scholars have graduated with MBA degrees.Nine of these young people have completed their internships and are pursuing their careers in Europe.
Four student scholars are currently enrolled in the participating universities. They will graduate with their MBA degrees in 2014-2016..
We have worked with the University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL) and Saint Louis University to establish undergraduate exchange/study abroad programs in Liberal Arts.
At the University of Debrecen and Peter Pazmany, faculty exchange programs are underway.
Webster University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Pecs to develop undergraduate and faculty exchange programs between their campuses in Austria, St. Louis and Pecs.

HMEP’s current goals are to continue to expand the global reach of participating Missouri universities by:

Establishing more undergraduate exchange and study abroad programs between participating universities.
Building on the relationships of partners to expand the faculty exchange program in teaching and research.
Continuing to expand the scholarship program and internships in Central Europe.


The mission of the Hungarian-Missouri Educational Partnership is to create global connections through a scholarship program and related activities for participating universities while creating a life changing experience for student scholars.

The goal is to recruit students who seek to fully understand the U.S. free enterprise system and apply that understanding to international entrepreneurship and commerce. The Partnership also facilitates development of undergraduate and faculty exchange programs and study abroad programs with partner universities.

The end result is to shape emerging leaders who will create a lasting bond between the U.S. and Central Europe.

The HMEP internship program is designed to allow the tailoring of education and internships to meet the needs of both sponsors and students. Our goal is to create a pipeline of students seeking higher education and work experience in the United States before returning home to pursue their individual careers. By investing in the next generation we will build and strengthen the educational, cultural and business relationships between the United States and Central Europe.


Global Connections Through Education

The Hungarian-Missouri Educational Partnership (HMEP) helps to build and strengthen the educational, cultural, and business relationships between the U.S. and Central Europe.

Scholarships are at the heart of the program, bringing promising Hungarian college graduates to the U.S. for post-graduate study at leading Midwestern business schools. HMEP recruits students, based on their academic excellence and financial need, who seek to fully understand the global marketplace and the free enterprise system and apply that understanding to international entrepreneurship and commerce. This program provides them a life-changing experience.

HMEP further creates global connections through undergraduate and faculty exchange programs and study abroad programs with partner universities.

HMEP creates a pipeline of students seeking higher education and work experience in the United States before returning home to pursue their individual careers. The goal is to shape emerging leaders who will create a lasting bond between the U.S. and Central Europe.

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